Photographic Catalogs / Documentation

The detailed description of the photographic database ca be found in the document.pdf - file (0.85 MB)

Specific information concerning the data are summarized in the files:

  • supplem.lst - list of meteors with some basic parameters completed in the IAU MDC (these parameters were not published by the original authors)
  • correct.lst - list of meteors corrected in one basic parameter in the IAU MDC
  • twocorr.lst - list of meteors reliably corrected in two basic parameters in the IAU MDC
  • reject.lst - list of meteors, where two or more corrections were necessary to reach that the data were mutually consistent, whereby the correctness still cannot be guaranted; the meteors are recommended to be rejected from the data in a proper usage
  • hyperb.lst - list of meteors on extremly hyperbolic orbits (with the heliocentric velocity beyond the Gaussian dispersion) with their extreme values eccentricity and heliocentric velocity